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The Lab: Vienna

active learning with real-world applications

coming Fall 2017

Our flagship Lab in Vienna, VA is where kids come to innovate, collaborate, and code. At the Lab, expert instructors will coach your your child or teen and their peers to deepen their programming knowledge. In our sessions there is no time to get bored; each lesson includes projects that will build your child’s creativity and problem-solving abilities.

In Fall 2017, we will be offering Scratch Animation & Design, Exploring Engineering & Robotics, and Web Development 1 and 2. Our classes are designed for kids aged 7-18 and each course meets twice a week after school or on Saturdays. 

fast facts:
  • experience our fun, engaging curriculum
  • learn with expert instructors and coding pros
  • master real languages and in-demand skills
  • create, collaborate, and code in every session!

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Scratch Visual Programming

Build a strong foundation in computer science and creative problem solving through animation and design with MIT's Scratch program.

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Ages: 7-10

Price: $699

M/W 5-6pm
(Sep 11-Dec 13)

T/R 5:45-6:45pm
(Sep 12-Dec 12)

Sat 12-2pm
(Sep 9-Dec 9)

Exploring Engineering & Robotics

Using Arduino and Robolink, students learn the basics of software, mechanical, and electrical engineering to make their own micro-computers and robots.

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Ages: 9-11 | 12-14

Price: $699

T/R 4-5:30pm
(Sep 12-Nov 28)

Sat 9:30-11:30am
(Sep 9-Nov 9)

Web Development 1

Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create your own engaging, functional website that utilizes industry standards in design and UX.

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Ages: 12-14 | 15-18

Price: $699

M/W 3:30-5pm
(Sep 11-Nov 28)

T/R 7-8:30pm
(Sep 12-Nov 28)

Sat 2-4pm
(Sep 9-Dec 9)

Web Development 2

Learn how to incorporate user-input into a website, and create your own unique mobile-responsive sites and web applications using intermediate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Ages: 12-14 | 15-18

Price: $699

M/W 6-7:30pm
(Sep 11-Nov 27)

two middle school girls building and programming drone
group of teenagers around white table with tablets photo: girl and boy high schoolers work on robotics project with male instructor
why choose generation code?
our space

We engage your child in an open, collaborative atmosphere that inspires creativity. Instructors take a hands-on approach to teaching coding, inspiring students to use critical and innovative thinking to explore key programming languages.

our curriculum

Co-created by educators and programmers, our curriculum incorporates the most relevant and applicable coding skills and languages tied to the Computer Science Framework. Every lesson features hands-on activities, with projects to share, such as websites, robots, and more. 

our people

At Generation Code, our tutors are experts equipped with up-to-date coding and teaching skills. We hold our instructors to the highest standards. They understand how to teach children and teens and help them develop the conceptual skills necessary for problem-solving and coding.

our philosophy

Generation Code believes that coding is more than just telling a computer what to do. It’s about creativity, problem-solving, and empowerment. It brings people together to create solutions that are bigger than the sum of their parts.