summer camps

build real-world skills in a collaborative environment

This summer, your child can create something amazing in just 2-3 short weeks. Plus, they’ll make new friends, gain valuable skills, and most importantly, have a ton of coding fun! 

Our summer camps are immersive bootcamps that offer innovative and age-appropriate instruction, all while students work closely with experts and peers. Give your child the opportunity to progress their coding skills rapidly, through entire levels of our curriculum, all without sacrificing the fun of summer! 

We offer camps in NYC, DC, and at the Lab. You can choose from our Intro to Coding: Visual Programming and Robotics (ages 8-12), Web Development Immersive (ages 10-14), Game Development with Java (14-18), and Android App Development Bootcamp (ages 14-18) camps.

  • An immersive experience
  • A comprehensive approach to programming
  • A focus on creativity and collaboration
  • Our innovative, project-based curriculum
  • 5:1 student-instructor ratio
why choose generation code?
fast skills

With your expert instructors as their guide, your child can complete full levels of our curriculum in just 2-3 weeks. Our immersive program helps your child develop skills rapidly, increasing retention of everything they’ve learned.


Whether enjoying on- or off-screen activities, Generation Code campers are constantly building and creating, working on shareable projects like websites, animations, games, and robots. 


Kids are great teachers. Our campers learn from each other, while developing their social and team-building skills. Campers collaborate on both short-term and long-term projects, as well as engage in paired-programming and mini-activities during each lesson. 


Coding is a form of expression. It’s creative and strategic, and our camps offer students the benefits of choosing their own coding adventure in a structured, effective environment. The more campers explore, the more self-confidence they gain along with the ability to innovate and lead.