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Learn to Code at Saint Edward Confessor School

Visual Programming with Scratch

For beginner coders, Scratch is the place to start. With no experience required, Generation Code’s Scratch Animation & Design course teaches students the foundations of computational thinking and block-based coding, while engaging their creativity at every turn.

Scratch is an MIT designed program that immerses students in the digital worlds they love. Learning Scratch allows them to build their own video games, animated stories, and musical compositions. By the end of the course, students will possess the unique ability to combine their creative insights and personal interests through visual programming. In addition to being fun and engaging, this course can help build college and career readiness

Exploring Engineering and Robotics

Also a great place for beginner coders, with hands-on experience building and then coding their very own robots! 

In today’s world, almost everything we see is either a robot or was made by one. In Exploring Engineering and Robotics, students will use engineering principles to design their own multi-function robots. Students will learn how to use circuitry to light up LEDs, build a truck robot that can navigate a maze, and code a line-following robot. By the end of the course, each student will have experience with mechanical, electrical, and software engineering principles.