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nyc workshops
NYC workshops allow students to learn Scratch, Robotics, and Web Development at their own pace

Generation Code's NYC project-based workshops provide students with space to create personalized projects in Scratch, Robotics, and Web Development, regardless of skill level.

Our workshops are led by our experienced instructors, and feature beginner, intermediate, and advanced tracks. Each workshop consists of a brief lesson in which learners are exposed to content - students then work to incorporate that content into a project of their choice. Students are left with a project that reflects their own interests and that they can be proud to share. These projects can serve as portfolio pieces for students interested in a career as a dev, as a project to share with friends, or anything in between!

Workshops are designed so that students can drop in at anytime, so there is no need to worry about missing a week.

  • hands-on, project-based curriculum
  • build skills quickly
  • focus on collaboration and creativity
  • 5:1 student-instructor ratio
  • immersive experience

Workshop Description Details
Scratch Game Design

Learn the principles of game design and user experience while bolstering computational thinking skills with MIT's Scratch program.

Projects include:

  • Movie
  • Music video
  • Run game
  • Pong
  • Choose your own adventure
Recommended ages: 7-12


Exploring Engineering & Robotics

Using Arduino and RoboLink, students learn the basics of software, mechanical, and electrical engineering to make their own micro-computers and robots.

Projects include:

  • Maze-navigating mouse robot
  • Sumo robot
  • Truck robot
  • Soccer robot
  • Free builds
Recommended ages: 8-14


Web Development

Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create your own engaging, functional website that utilizes industry standards in design and UX.

Projects include:

  • About me site
  • Magazine article
  • Interactive map
  • To-do list
  • Superhero database

Recommended ages: 9-17


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Whether enjoying on- or off-screen activities, Generation Code learners are constantly building and creating, working on shareable projects like websites, animations, games, and robots. 

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Kids are great teachers. Our students learn from each other while developing their social and team-building skills. Students collaborate on both short-term and long-term projects, as well as engage in paired-programming and mini-activities during each lesson. 

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Coding is a form of expression. It’s creative and strategic, and our workshops offer students the benefits of choosing their own coding adventure in a structured, effective environment. The more students explore, the more self-confidence they gain along with the ability to innovate and lead.