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Fall 2018 After-school
And Saturday Schedule

We live in a digital world. Our phones, cars, banks, hospitals – nearly every aspect of our lives – depend on computer code. With every field trending towards automation, today's workforce is already in desperate need of skilled programmers, while tomorrow's workforce is at-risk of a shortage of talented, code-savvy problem-solvers.

At Generation Code, we are creating the next generation of coders, creators, and out-of-the-box thinkers. Our team of highly trained and kid-friendly instructors use our thoughtfully designed curriculum to make coding accessible to kids of all ages. Whether thinking ahead for college & career readiness or simply seeking a fun & engaging enrichment activity, Generation Code offers the best of both worlds.

Choose from our social and collaborative cohort-based programs that meet at set-times each week, or register for a self-paced flex course and learn independently and at your convenience through video-based lectures supported by our on-the-ground tutors.

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Fall Course Overview: 

  • OzoRobotics (Ages 5-7)
  • Scratch Animation & Game Design (Ages 7-10)
  • Intro to Engineering & Robotics (Ages 8-11) 
  • Mobile App Development (Ages 11+) 
  • Web Development (Ages 11+) 
  • Drone Robotics (Ages 11+) 
  • Intro to JavaScript (Ages 12+)
  • ...scroll down to learn more about each of our programs!


Mid-Fall Program Programs, Prices, and Launch Dates:

Mobile App Development (Ages 11-16) 

  • Once a week - Saturdays (10:15-11:30am) ($350) (10/27-12/22)

In this course, students learn the basics of design thinking, which is how great apps like Snapchat and Instagram were created. From there, the course dives into app development using Java and Google’s Android platform. This is a small cohort-based program (3-6 students) during which our pre-teens and teens explore concepts of product design, user experience, and hone their entrepreneurial and communication skills while developing a Shark Tank'esque pitch of their app idea. Join lead instructor, Philip, and give your child the launching pad to gain the necessary skills to develop the next killer app!

Intro to Engineering & Robotics  (Ages 8-10)

  • Once a week - Mondays (5:10-6:40 pm) ( ($299) (10/29-12/17)
  • Twice a week - Tuesdays/Thursdays (4:45-6:15pm) (Ages 8-10) ($350) (10/25-11/27)

In today’s world, almost everything we see is either a robot or was made by one! In Exploring Engineering and Robotics, students use engineering principles to design their own multi-function robots. In this project-based course, students will get to experience first-hand how engineers solve real-world problems. Learn how to use circuitry to light up LEDs, build a truck robot that can navigate a maze, and code a line-following robot! By the end of the course, each student will have experience with mechanical, electrical, and software engineering principles, enabling them to think critically and solve everyday challenges! 

Drone Robotics (Ages 11-16 with exceptions for 10/y with Robotics/Coding experience)

  • Once a week - Saturdays (10:15-11:30am) ($350) (10/27-12/22) includes a 2 hour bootcamp intro immersive.

The perfect introduction to programming, the CoDrone Pro is a small quadcopter that you need to program in order for it to fly! We'll start with visual programming, progress to Arduino -a text-based programming language- and, for our most experienced pilots, we'll fly our way into a new language - Python!

Sample projects include: 
- Coding drones to hover and land at designated areas
- Having drones maneuver around a maze autonomously
- Programming drones to compete in a special search and rescue mission

Scratch Animation and Game Design (Ages 7-10) 

  • Once a week - 2 private sessions + weekly classes Thursdays (6:00-7:30 pm) ($459) (10/25-12/20)
  • Once a week - 2 private sessions + weekly classes Saturdays (2:45-4:30pm) ($459) (10/27-12/22)

With no experience required, Generation Code’s Scratch Animation & Design course teaches students the foundations of computational thinking and block-based coding, while engaging their creativity at every turn. At the center of Level 1 is Scratch, an MIT designed program that immerses students in the digital worlds they love. Learning Scratch allows them to build their own video games, animated stories, and musical compositions. By the end of the course, students will possess the unique ability to combine their creative insights and personal interests through visual programming.

Note: This curriculum is also available as a flex-based program meaning students can register for a monthly package of hours and take the course using self-paced video instruction, supported by one of our on-site tutors. Scroll down to learn more about flex programs at Generation Code. 

Ozo Robotics (Ages 5-7) 

  • Once a week - Saturdays (Help us determine the class time - survey here!) ($350) (10/27-12/22)

Ozobot is a smart robot that can follow lines or roam around freely, detect colors, and can be programmed using visual or block-based code. Your child will learn hands-on about robotics, math and programming, with the help of ozo and our superstar instructors. We teach programming in a fun way so kids learn while being engaged through play. Ozo students use their imagination to create fun games and think through challenging activities that will enhance their logical reasoning.

This program will be offered to a small cohort of 4-6 students running once a week for 75 minutes for $350 (you get to help us determine the day and time!). The price includes 9 weeks of once a week programming for 75 minutes a session, plus 2 bonus 'catch up days' for students who either wish to make up a missed session or want some extra time with ozo! Help us get this course underway by filling out our interest survey here.



Start anytime; renew month-to-month; and attend at your convenience 

Can't commit to a consistent weekly schedule or your student prefers to work independently? Several of our courses are offered in what we call our 'flex programs.' Our lead instructors have created video tutorials of our best content, complete with lessons introducing concepts, 'code with me' activities, and independent projects. Students attend at their convenience during any of our 'flex hours' and move through the content at a pace that works for them, supported by our on-site tutor. 

** Scroll down for flex curriculum offerings, flex pricing, and flex hours:


(Part I) Intro to Visual Programming with Scratch (Flex) (No pre-req) (Ages 7-10)

This program offers a self-paced introduction to block-based or visual programming. Students will learn the core concepts behind computer science while building out a portfolio of projects focused around animation and introductory game design. A great gateway to coding!

(Part II) Intermediate Game Design (Flex)(Pre-req: Part I or prior experience with Scratch) (Ages 8-11)

In this follow-up to our Intro to Visual Programming flex-course, students apply the concepts they learned in part one to develop more advanced projects focusing around animation and game design. For the game-lover seeking to shift from consumer to creator, this course is the way to go!

Web Development (Cohort encouraged, but flex available on-demand) (Ages 11+)

We are so proud of our cohort-based web development program that we always encourage it as the first choice option, but for students that prefer to work independently or have a schedule that won't permit joining the cohort, our flex program allows you a personalized experience. Video-based instruction and online-projects are led by our lead web dev instructor Matt, while our on-the-ground tutors Shannon, Philip, and Zoha can help supplement instruction and ensure students are on-task, get help when needed, and are empowered to launch their very first web site!

JavaScript (Flex) (Pre-req: Web Dev or prior coding experience) (Ages 12+)

This program is a challenging dive into JavaScript. Students with prior experience with coding are invited to take their knowledge to the next-level with this introductory course to programming with JavaScript. Students who join this course will need to buckle-down and focus as they dive into the world of chat-bots, artificial intelligence, and user-experience!



  • Flex-Program Package Pricing: Choose from the following packages which expire after one month, so it's helpful to determine the number of hours Maya could commit to each month. The beauty is she can attend whenever works for her and it can be a different time each week!
    • $89.99 for 4 hours 
    • 129.99 for 6 hours
    • 164.99 for 8 hours
    • 189.99 for 10 hours
    • 215.99 for 12 hours 


  • Flex Hours (Once you purchase a flex package, your child/teen can use their hours in 60/75/90/or 120 minute sessions during any of the times below:
    • M/W 5-7pm
    • T/Th: 5-8pm
    • Sat. 11:30am - 2:30pm
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