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we believe every child should learn to code
In the 21st century, coding and computational thinking are key skills for excelling in many careers. It’s the language of innovation - in demand by small start-ups and big companies alike.
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coding is everywhere

Coding is quickly becoming the language that helps children read today’s world. Our program teaches students how to be smart and safe online, as well as how to create and communicate through technology.

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it’s easier to learn early

Children are fast, adaptive learners. It’s easier for them to pick up new ideas and mindsets, like computational thinking, while their brains are still developing. Our authentic approach drives student understanding and connections to the real-world.

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it’s more than meets the eye

Problem-solving, creativity, and logic – these three skills naturally develop in kids with the right instruction in coding and computational thinking.

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it’s a blast

Kids love learning website, app, and game development and the corresponding skills that let them see their progress quickly. Plus, kids get to make new friends and participate in fun activities throughout the process.