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4 Ways Collaboration Drives Kids’ Coding Achievement
collaboration, ed tech, parents, teachers

Collaboration is one of those words that you hear everywhere, whether in parenting, teaching, or business circles. But what does it really mean, and why is it great for kids? Collaboration means working together to create or produce something. In true collaboration, the end result is greater than the sum...

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3D Printing Emojis at CMOM
ed tech, parents, STEAM, teachers

Last weekend, we hosted two free workshop sessions at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in their beautiful space. Kids ages 5 to 12 came from all over the country to join us, and we had an amazing time introducing them to 3D printing. We thought it would be a fun...

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The 4Cs – “Super Skills” for 21st Century Kids (Free Printable)
collaboration, ed tech, innovation, parents, STEAM, teachers

Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. These are the keys to success in the 21st century - both in and out of the classroom. Educational researchers and teachers around the world believe that a great classroom experience gives students ample time to practice and hone the 4Cs. These skills prepare...

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3 Reasons to Send Kids to Tech Camp
collaboration, ed tech, parents, STEAM

The opportunities are endless for your kids this summer. Should they keep up their academics, spend time outdoors, just relax, or expand their horizons in some other way? More and more parents are choosing a combination of all to enrich their child or teen’s summer. Recently, there has been a...

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Programming Prototypes: Student Collaboration in a 1:1 Environment
collaboration, ed tech, STEAM, teachers

Collaboration is considered an essential 21st century skill, since it builds students’ ability to communicate, deal with conflict, and solve problems. While small group projects, think-pair-shares, and turn and talks are commonplace in schools, teachers often struggle to integrate similar practices into projects revolving around technology - for example in...

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