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Why Kids Should Learn Code
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Programming is not only an integral part of our lives, but it’s a skill that opens up career opportunities across nearly every industry. Whether it’s creating a website or app or knowing how to create experiences online that inspire and engage people, coding is an essential 21st century skill. While many bootcamps and programs are aimed at adults, we here at Generation Code believe that the key to learning to code is to start early.

Learning to code is like learning a foreign language - it’s easier at a young age. Many tools, such as MIT’s Scratch, are designed to be engaging and fun for elementary and middle school students. Coding teaches more than how to interact with computers, it develops computational thinking and stimulates creativity. Here are some other reasons to start coding instruction early.

Computational Thinking
Computational thinking is a way of expressing ideas in a logical manner. While coding, students think through complex problems step by step to find a solution. Students can then apply their problem-solving skills both in and out of school.

Technological Fluency
Since technology is all around us, becoming fluent in a programming language builds a foundation for learning new languages. Many languages share core concepts that can be easily transferred likes loops and conditionals. Once your student learns how to write code, it will be easier for them to pick up other languages.

Coding as a creative outlet is not limited to computational thinking and creative problem-solving. Learning to code can be as good an outlet for self-expression and creativity as learning to draw, paint, or sculpt. It provides kids the tools to make something new and unique.

Social Collaboration
Coding is also a great way to collaborate with peers. Whether it is collaborative problem-solving for an individual’s project, paired programming, or working on a team project, coding teaches the importance of collaboration while building interpersonal skills.

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