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“Coding Rocks!” - A Closer Look at Our All-Girls Web Dev Program at SAYA

As spring break approaches, we wanted to highlight one of our NYC-based programs: our partnership with SAYA (South Asian Youth Action) in NYC.

SAYA is a non-profit that works with South Asian students across NYC to bring innovative programs ranging from art to debate. We’ve been partnering with SAYA to teach an all-girls web development course. As a mostly female team that is passionate about the STEM gender gap, we loved the opportunity to work with such a great group of girls to get them coding for the first time.

Check out some highlights of the course through the eyes of our terrific instructor, Lyuba:

When asked what the most surprising part of this course has been, Lyuba said, “How quickly they grasp the material! Also that some of them work on their coding at home when they don't have to. They have already downloaded the development environment and are coding at home! They have lots ideas for what they would like to include in their websites beyond the class, like login components and forms.” 

“The kids naturally want to help each other out… They are eager to share what they learned.”

Lyuba says that her students have been going above and beyond, and that “the girls are excited about learning coding and getting their interests out there.”

“Even though HTML and CSS can be challenging for new coders the students seem to be really enjoying it. They also like the design aspect of the course, looking at existing websites and analyzing various design elements.”

Lyuba says her SAYA students have gone above and beyond. For example, “Ishana (a student in the class) has a beautiful website for writers to share their work. She strategically used colors and graphics to tie her design elements together.”

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I tell my students that coding is all about self-expression. It's another medium, like art or dance or other things they already enjoy, for them to build something and use their creativity.” - Lyuba

We’re so excited about how well the girls at SAYA are doing, and we can’t wait to see what they create next!

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, contact or check out our curriculum!

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